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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back to the Zoo

OK, the butterfly doesn't actually belong to the St. Louis Zoo, but it was visiting and it was beautiful!

I'm not a huge fan of birds but the kids we were there with did like them. I do think that they are quite pretty but I still have that bird-phobia!

Now this is how the hippos look above the water.......

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And this is what is actually happening
underneath the water.....

I have no idea what those fish are eating off of the hippos....Perhaps I don't want to know.....

The flaminos were absolutely beautiful.
See, I like birds better from a distance! The St. Louis Zoo website says that:

"Flamingos owe their peculiar looks to their feeding habits. Their elongated body, neck and legs allow them to wade into much deeper water than most shore birds, thereby expanding their food choices. (They can even swim, if necessary.)

Even the flamingos’ notoriously-colored plumage is a result of their diet. Their brilliant red, hot pinks, corals and oranges come from the carotenoid pigments in the algae and in some of the crustaceans that the birds eat (similar to the pigment in carrots)."

Later I will have more zoo pictures after some editing.....

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