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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fruit for Breakfast

Last week I thought that I would start out the day with a very healthy fruit breakfast, something that I rarely do!

So, I began slicing up a white peach that I found at the grocery store. I was there with my MIL the other day and she was buying some white peaches. I had never heard of "white" peaches before so thought that now was the time to try them!

Then I cut up 5 strawberries and added a handful of blueberries and half of a handful of mixed nuts (pistachios, almond and cashews) to the bowl. To top it off, I added some flax seeds that I keep in the freezer. I usually grind them up to put on top of oatmeal but it's too hot for oatmeal right now.

As you can see, my fruity breakfast was good to the last spoonful!!!!!
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