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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve "Dinner for One"

While looking for new recipes for black-eyed peas
to make for good luck for the coming year,
I found this interesting blog called The Real Paul Jones.

It didn't have black-eyed peas
but it did tell
what Germans do on New Year's Eve...
Here is the link to that blog.
It says that the Germans watch a movie every year called "Dinner for One"
that was written in the 1920's and filmed in 1963
about an english woman and her butler.

According to the L.A. Times yesterday:
"The story is disarmingly
The dotty Miss Sophie is celebrating her 90th birthday
in what she likes to imagine is the presence of her old pals.
The dinner guests, though, are all long dead,
so her obliging butler, James,
pretends to be each of them.

He mimics their voices and drinks each of their to
asts in turn,
getting steadily more smashed as the evening proceeds."

The paper described it as a type of Rocky Horrer Picture show
that is funnier every time you watch it.
Here is the link to watch "Dinner for One".It is only 10.50 minutes long on YouTube, of course!
The original is quite a bit longer - OK, it's 15 minutes!
Enjoy watching
„Der 90. Geburtstag oder Dinner for One“ am Silvesterabend.
(Which I translate to "The 90th Birthday or
Dinner for One on New Year's Eve.)
And remember, the same procedure as every year!

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