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Friday, May 04, 2007

Swamp Tour

Last Friday morning we went on a swamp tour. It was at McGee's Landing where they take you on a tour of Atchafalaya Basin. It lasted about an hour and a half and yes, we saw real alligators! Here are our tour guide and driver. And this is Suzie, the tour guide's dog who also rides on the tours We rode under the Atchafalaya Swamp Bridge, which is I-10. It heads east-northeast from Lafayette toward Baton Rouge.
This bridge is approximately 18.2 miles long.
We didn't get to drive on the bridge though. This was a really long bridge!
There were quite a few Texaco
signs that said "Private Canal - Property of Texaco. Use by unauthorized individuals vessels and other marine equipment prohibited." The tour guide said they didn't appear to be doing anything with their canals.
Our tour guide brought a cooler full of chicken for the alligators. He pointed to the bank and started calling "Big Boy. Come on, Big Boy. C'mere Cindy. Want some chicken.
Come on, Big Boy."
Well, it worked. Cindy swam right over and after he called some more, Big Boy slid into the water and came over to the boat too. I guess that's why they say alligator tastes like chicken because they sure did like eating it!
Then our tour guide turned the boat around and we started back to the dock. This was our last view of Big Boy and Cindy. They seemed very happy to be swimming around after their treats of chicken.
China II and Willow II only came back out after we started back
and couldn't see the alligators any more.

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sher said...

Wow!! This makes me feel homesick! I'm so glad you shared these pictures with us. Hope you had some great food!