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Sunday, August 12, 2007

WCB #114 Sundance and Sammawow

It's time for WCB #114 and it's being hosted over at What Did You Eat?
It has been a very sad weekend over there for Sher and Upsie
as sweet Sundance was diagnosed with FIP
and has now gone over the Bridge.
My previous cat, Samantha, is who this blog is named for
as she always said Ma-Wow instead of Meow.
So we ended up calling her Sammawow quite a lot.
She was a very sweet kitty to only a few people.
In fact, most people didn't really like her
because she had a tendency to hiss and bite.
She just didn't like changes at all.
But she really loved us and she was a great lap cat,
until a noise scared her!
I was scratched, accidentally, quite a few times
when she would leap from my lap.
And, of course, we still miss her...


catsynth said...

What a sweet double-tribute. We're missing Sundance, too :(.

Would have liked to have known "sammawow".

Gretchen said...

I'm sorry that you're so sad about your kitty. Thanks for stopping by to say hello.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great to know the origin of the name Sammawow!
Both kitties are maybe having fun together in cat heaven...

Benjamin Fuzz said...

it's so hard when our fur children cross the bridge. the pain is big and the tears take a long time to stop.

we didn't know sundance...but he looked like a great fellow. we've heard a bit about samantha...and she sounds like the perfect cat: YOUR cat.

ben fuzz
lucy fur (who has recently told me that her full name is lucinda suzanne...which pleases me tremendously)
mom toni

Boy said...

It's always sad for us when our woved ones cwoss over the Bwidge.
I do hope they are all having gweat fun over at the other side of the Bwidge!

Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats said...

I know exactly how you feel. I miss Xmas and Shadow very much too.

Chairman Mao said...

That's a bee-yootiful tribute for Sundance and Sammawow. I'm sure they have bekome furry good furriends at the Bridge and are playin' togethur. But I know you must miss your sweet gurl and she's watchin' ofur you and sendin' you soft whisker-tickles.

Great big huggies and purrs from MaoMao!

The Cat Realm said...

Come and see Anastasia in the Groucho Marx glasses!

sher said...

Wow! I'm so sorry I'm late in thanking you for mentioning Sundance. My head has been out to lunch. Samantha was a beauty--and I have had the same problem with cats digging their claws into me when they heard a lound noise. But, it's the price we pay for such sweet friends. Hugs.

Catzee said...

That am so sad. I'm furry sorry. Purrs!