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Saturday, July 05, 2008

PhotoHunt Theme: Pointed

The theme this week is "pointed"
and I was reading about pointed arches which are somewhat gothic. I l
ooked to see if I had anything like that, and I'm not sure what type of architecture I found, but these are lovely buildings with lots of pointed areas. One of the definitions of "pointed" is as follows: Noun 1. pointed arch - an arch with a pointed apex; characteristic of Gothic architecture. I don't know if my architecture is what they are talking about but I like it and think it might work for the theme of "pointed" this week.
Last month we went to Art&Air, which was a one-of-kind fine arts fair. It was held on the grounds of Eden Theological Seminary. There were over 90 juried artists that participated. Unfortunately, it was extremely hot and humid that weekend, however the park-like setting was wonderful. I would have liked to have stayed and taken more pictures of the buildings
but it was way too hot.
Eden Theological Seminary was established in 1850 in Marthasville, Missouri. According to their history, it was established because a European education was not adequate to prepare pastors for Evangelical churches on the North American frontier. In 1883, the Seminary moved to Wellston, Missouri and then in 1924 they moved to their present location in Webster Groves. I think that the buildings are absolutely beautiful - with lots of pointed areas!
The tents where they were selling the food were pointed on the top.

This is a close-up of the Eden Theological Seminary window... The top of the towers have many pointed areas... ~~~~~
Here is a full view of the main building,
which even has pointed water fountains in front of it!
This is the Holy Redeemer Catholic Parish,
across the street from Eden Theological Seminary,
which also has their steeple pointed upwards.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great pictures! Nice buildings...



Boy said...

That's a wot of points!

jams o donnell said...

A really nice selection of pointed photos! Perfect for this week's theme. Have a great weekend

jams o donnell said...

Have a great weekend? I mean next weekend of course!

jams o donnell said...

Weekend? Err I meant week!

Dragonstar said...

I like the close-up of that window - very decorative. And that spire in the last photo is very pointed!

Carver said...

Great sequence of shots for the pointed theme.

Clara said...

Great pictures! I love tall pointy buildings.

Check out my entry here.

gaj38 said...

great collection of photo's, thanks for visiting mine! :-)

Suzanne said...

Nice group of photos. I like the 3rd one best.
God bless ~

Mine is here: http://zipperedheart.blogspot.com/2008/07/photo-hunt-117-pointed.html

Leslie said...

Oh I love your 4th of July up the top and your architecture pinted pics are great!!

Waving at you from Australia. :)