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Saturday, September 20, 2008

PhotoHunt Theme: Road

"ROAD" is the theme this week.
I started out with a 1957 Volkwagon on the ROAD in one of our local parades which we attended the beginning of this month. I knew it would fit into the ROAD theme when I saw the license plate saying "Route 66" which of course is a very famous ROAD in the United States.

Next, while driving in California my father pointed out all of the
high power lines that were lining the ROAD along Highway 395.
We also drove on the ROAD around Lake Tahoe
and came across this huge rock mountain.
There were two tunnels through the mountain
so the ROAD went through the mountain...
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ And the ROAD continued on the other side!

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jams o donnell said...

Great choice for this week's theme. I don't understand the maths or physics but the work of the civil engineer is so often amazing!

Leslie said...

We used to take our cabin cruiser to Lake Tahoe when I was a little girl. :)

Larry said...

excellent photos -- particularly like the tunnel shots.

Dragonstar said...

Great road shots, and the skies above the tunnel are amazing.
Love that first pic!

Carver said...

Those are all great shots. It's cool how you started with the old volkwagon. It's cool that it's 1957 as I was born that year. I had friends with almost identical ones when I was a teenager.

Baker Watson said...

Tunnels are always so cool, but I'm sure not for some.

Good road pics.


Deborah said...

So happy to discover the blog of another St. Louisan!
Great road picture. My post on the "road" theme also has a tunnel. Quite a bit different from yours, though. :grin:

mistyeiz said...

what lovely shots!! :) love those tunnels sequence. that VW really brought back memories. remind me of my dad's VW which my sis is currently driving, i miss it. thanks for stopping by, sorry it took me so long to pop by though.