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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Photohunt Theme: Protect(ion)

"PROTECT(ION)" is the theme this week.
I decided to feature some plants that I took pictures of at my parent's house last Fall. Cactu
s plants definitely have very sharp spikes and needles to PROTECT themselves. I don't know what their real names are but this first one was always called Mr. Prickley. When my daughter was little my mother called him Mr. Prickley so my DD wouldn't touch him! My DD has her very own Mr. Prickley, which I believe might be the grandson of the original one. These little cactus-type plants have sharp spikes all over them for PROTECTION.
These cactus plants are needle sharp
and so are very well PROTECTED!

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Leslie said...

Wow! These are brilliant!

Carver said...

Beautiful shots of the plants and a great take on the theme.

Mrs Mecomber said...

Great shots, very creative!

I'm a little late with my PH this week; I'm catching up after a busy weekend. :)

Mrs. Mecomber

Kelly said...

Beautiful shots! Mr Prickly is a great nickname!

By the way I love your little fishies in the sidebar.

Anonymous said...

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