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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Photohunt Theme: Walking

"WALKING" is the theme this week.
I went to Target a few weeks ago and found this Canada Goose, all by itself, WALKING around the parking lot.

Before that I went to visit our zoo and found the Mama Tiger and one of her five baby tigers WALKING around on the ledge.
Almost every Mardi Gras we go to the Beggin' Strips Barkus Dog Parade. It's fun because there are so many dogs all dressed up for Mardi Gras WALKING in their parade!
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Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Wow, nice collection of pictures here..cute pets hehehe. Mine is up,i hopre u can visit..its my first time here


jams o donnell said...

The tigers are beauties but the dog parade looks like a lot of fun!

Ladykli said...

A goose at Target?! How funny that must have been. Tigers are so cool to me. I love the Barkus Parade and all the bright costumes! How fun that must be.

Ruminations said...

All are wonderful 'takes' on this week's theme ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Aileni said...

You should have added Critters to this one - well done.

srp said...

All cats love to walk on the ledge... These are all great pictures for the theme today. Mine is up here.

Dragonstar said...

Great collection! That Canada Goose is quite something - fine catch.

Thanks for your lovely visit and comment.

Ailurophile said...

Wow what puretty pictures! The tigers look so cute, walking on the ledge. Thanks for sharing the photos :)

meemsnyc said...

we love all the dog costumes especially the hot dog.

What beautiful "big" cats!!

Black Cat said...

Great photos! Was the goose lost, or just resting on his summer migration I wonder? Gentle headbumps to China Cat and Willow :) xxx

Karen Jo said...

Those are all great walking pictures. I love the tiger and cub and the goose in the parking lot. The dog parade looks like lots of fun.