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Monday, January 15, 2007

More Driving and Astrology...

Previously I found the "Best to Worst" List of drivers re: astrological signs according to InsuranceHotline.com. Interestingly enough, I just found another one.
Here's the surprise - the list done by Allstate Insurance was totally different
than the other one.
The Allstate Study was analyzed by Carol Allen, Vedic Astrologer.
(I don't actually know what a "vedic" astrologer is???)
The article was written by Hilary Kramer and was also found on AOL, as was the first list.
It was stated in her article that there are quite contradictory results in many of these studies.
I like this one better as it shows Aquarius as #10 as opposed to the other one where I was listed as #11. Eventually I will find a list that says that Aquarius is the best driver! I was also interested to note that Aries (both my husband and son-in-law are Aries), which placed 10th before, has now become #1 as the best driver. So they will both like this list better also!
Best - Aries: Rams tend to be in a rush to get to every destination but are great drivers because they take care of themselves and stay out of trouble.
No. 2 - Cancer: Crabs prefer a minivan to a Maserati, with space for everyone from grandma to the many lost dogs and homeless people they may find.
No. 3 - Taurus: Bulls drive the nicest, most luxurious cars and can be found travelling along the scenic route, listening to their state-of-the-art sound system.
No. 4 - Gemini: These natural multitaskers can be found behind the wheel of a car while simultaneously checking their palms, on their cell phones and shaving.
No. 5 - Sagittarius: These adventurous souls can be found happily zipping along in a luxury business sedan on their way to a power luncheon or corporate takeover.
No. 6 - Capricorn: These punctual, fastidious drivers can be recognized for their perfect road etiquette (i.e. driving exactly the speed limit) or lecturing those who lack it.
No. 7 - Pisces: Most likely to pick up a hitchhiker or be a hitchhiker. However, these water lovers usually travel by boat -- or astral projection.
No. 8 - Scorpio: If they must leave home, they prefer to take the secret way to a destination, in a vehicle with tinted windows and unmarked plates.
No. 9 - Libra: Most likely to apply makeup when driving, which perhaps is why they're also most likely found getting phone numbers of other drivers at red lights.
No. 10 - Aquarius: These are the drivers most likely to have electric cars or those powered by potato juice and believe driving studies are a scam to raise premiums.
No. 11 - Leo: Leos are the most likely to not be driving at all, as it is beneath their dignity. They prefer to employ a chauffeur -- or better yet, have others come to them.
No. 12 - Virgo: These persnickety drivers can be observed tooling around town in their spotless, hand-waxed, air-freshened vehicles.

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India, the Hippie Chick said...

I laughed out loud - I *do act just like a Capricorn according to this!

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