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Sunday, April 29, 2007

WCB #98 - Blooming Edition

BC (Black Cat) lives with my Aunt in Louisiana,
where we are visiting this weekend.
I'll have more about BC and the trip to Louisiana later
but wanted to get this into Weekend Cat Blogging
with S'kat and the Food.
It's a first time hosting for S'kat
and although I didn't have any flowers in BC's picture,
he does look lovely in the greenery.


astrid said...

what a beautiful black cat - the green fits the fur and the eyes pretty well :o)

hope you had a perfect weekend!


John said...

This is a fascinating post.

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Where in Louisiana?! Can I come too, I miss my Grammy and Grampy!!! They're in the River Parishes, you going anywhere near there?

Tara said...

BC is a beauty, and looks like he is enjoying his yard!

Rascal said...

A black Cat is a perfect Cat. Lovely anywhere (but especially in the green grass.)