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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Porch Kitties found a Bunny!

I went out to the porch and found China Cat and Willow looking very intently at something on the other side of the screen. They didn't even notice me. I usually try to see whatever they are looking at and sometimes I don't see anything! But today they found a bunny under the bush right outside of the screened-in porch.That bunny had no idea that there were two cats watching it very intently. Willow actually could not see the bunny from this angle.
But she did see a squirrel that she became very interested in watching.China Cat turned around and continued watching the bunny... Here's the bunny who just continued eating grass,
never realizing he/she was being watched!
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Jewelgirl said...

Your kitties are so cute watching
the bunny. I always miss the bunny
photo moment, I always get to close and the bunny takes off running. Oh well! Purrs!

DK & The Fluffies said...

Hey, that looks like me! ~Fiona Bun

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I am glad the bunny was safe from the kitties, but it must have been fun to watch!

Ana said...

Thank you for visiting our blog!

Observing bunnies must be fun! Unfortunately Chica & Pumuckl have never seen one so far.

I am still impressed about the resemblance of China Cat and our 2 cats :)

Anonymous said...

Now, I bet either or both porch kitties would have loved to get off that porch and get on the ground. Not that they could have caught the rabbit, since buns are pretty wily as well as fast...

Irishcoda said...

Those are some really nice photos of the cats and the bunny! They are all around the same size, wonder if they'd try to be friends or ...????