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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Photohunt Theme: Aftermath

"AFTERMATH" is the theme this week.
I thought that this would be very difficult to come up with pictures for AFTERMATH. However, I think that I did find a few pictures for the them
e. Of course, I first thought of the AFTERMATH of wars and we go to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery every Memorial Day so I do have pictures of so many graves.
The AFTERMATH of the ice storm last winter was too much ice on the trees. Although it did look pretty at this local golf course.
Last fall my husband and I went to visit my parents who live in California. We met them at Lake Tahoe at their timeshare. One of the days while we were there, my husband and I drove all the way around Lake Tahoe - we had never been there before. Halfway around we stopped for lunch. Recently my husband had developed a liking for fish tacos and so he ordered the Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos. Unfortunately a few hours later, there was the AFTERMATH of the fish tacos. We guessed it was food poisoning as he became quite ill for a few days. I was really glad that I had ordered the Crab Chili Relleno... the AFTERMATH for me was that I was able to eat a good dinner that night while he still wasn't eating at all. Actually, it wasn't until New Year's Eve that he could even consider eating any seafood. He had some shrimp New Year's Eve but is still staying away from fish tacos.
China Cat & Willow always eat together but the difference is that Willow is a very messy eater. China Cat just eats from her bowl on the left until she has enough and she leaves the kitchen. Willow, on the other hand, goes back and forth from bowl to bowl, spilling food out of each bowl. It wouldn't be that bad except she will not eat food off of the floor. So the AFTERMATH of Willow eating is crunchy cat food all around the bowls! ~~~~~
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Biker Betty said...

The aftermath of war is aweful. I love how everything is frosted over after an ice storm. Your poor husband. Great choices for this theme.

Have a great weekend!

happily retired gal said...

Wow ... you came up with LOTS of ideas for this one didn't you. I love fish tacos, but not the aftermath your husband experienced ;--(

My favorite is the second photo, but my kitty's a messy eater too.
Hugs and blessings,

kikamz said...

a very nice and interesting entry for an aftermath! mine is posted here.

enjoy the weekend!

meemsnyc said...

Oh no, food poisoning is the absolute worst. Sorry to hear that.

We love Mahi Mahi, it's too bad it wasn't good Mahi Mahi.

Ladykli said...

Lots of different takes for this week's. The 1st one is very moving. The second one is my favorite, it's so pretty. So sorry to hear about your husband. I recently tried Fish Tacos but I made them at home. And the kitties...well they are so dang cute messy eaters or not!


Leslie said...

Oh my gosh - mine are messy eaters too. And I hate it when they just shake a paw and stalk off from food that I have jsut put down. :)

Furkidsmom said...

Note to Mom - stay away from Fish Tacos!!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Your aftermath toilet made us laugh. The cemetery picture was very profound.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, like the cemetery ones that best describe aftermath of wars. Have a good weekend.

CRIZ LAI said...

That messy spill over looked rather familiar. Fortunately I have Jimmy to do all the clearing up... haha :P


MindyLew said...

I thought my cat was the only one that does this!!!