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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Photohunt Theme: Hat(s)

"HAT(S)" is the theme this week.
I have many, many HATS of all different kinds. I considered placing them all on t
he yard to photograph all of them but it's only about 20 degrees Fahrenheit so that was not a good idea! However, I do have a small collection of HATS that I wear when running, mostly in the Spring, Summer and Fall but also in the Winter when it's not too cold. They are hanging on the back of the door to my library.
Here is one of my favorite dressy HATS. I have worn this hat to church at Christmas time, the red being very festive!
The next HAT is clearly very pink - my husband hates this HAT. Actually, I don't really care much for the color pink and I bought this HAT when I was shopping in a small antique store. The owner was there and started talking to me about her wares. I was looking at some red HATS and beaded mirrors. She said that she sold many red HATS to ladies of the Red HAT Society, however since I was under 50 at the time I could wear a pink HAT. So that is the only reason that I have a pink HAT. She was a good saleswoman! I think that I did wear this pink HAT for Easter one time. It does look rather Easter-y, indeed!
Willow couldn't stay out of the pictures any longer. When I put this hat down, she ran over and laid down on it. This is a hat that I bought when I was still in high school. The pheasant feathers were a lot longer then than they are now. One day I will have to count all of my hats and perhaps, take a picture of all of them on the lawn, when it gets warmer outside!~~~~~
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jams o donnell said...

Great selection of hats. I'm glad the last one gets the furry seal of aproval!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I love that feather hat that Willow is playing with. I need to get one!!!

Anonymous said...

I love both the red and pink hats. They are beautiful. You also have a great collection of running caps.

Nice take on the theme.

Here's Mine!

Carver said...

Oh you do have some wonderful hats. Great post.

RJ Flamingo said...

I love that red hat! And I'm sure Willow just couldn't resist the feather and the opportunity to leave a little fur behind on that black hat. Right? :-)

Easy Dessert said...

Wonderful hat selection :) My favorite is the pink one

MindyLew said...

Love your hats!! I am a hat person too and come from a family that has always loved hats. I like the red one!!

Dragonstar said...

I adore that red hat! Impossible to be miserable wearing that!

jmb said...

What a great collection of hats Sammawow. I am glad to see that someone else has a passion for hats.
Sorry I'm late visiting. Have a good week.

Leslie said...

Gorgeous hats! Love the pink one. :)