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Sunday, September 28, 2008

LOLCATS for the Festival

It's time for the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos
hosted today for the first time by Salome over at The Catboys Realm.
The theme is LOLCATS and China Cat & Willow were kind enough to oblige!
Check out what all the other cats are doing...
Friday Ark is at The Modulator
Weekend Cat Blogging is being hosted
by Mom Robyn and the Hotties
Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is at The Catboys Realm
being hosted for the first time by Salome
Carnival of the Cats is being hosted by
our very own presidential hopeful, Cheysuli at Chey's Place
Let's get visiting!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

PhotoHunt Theme: View

"VIEW" is the theme this week.
I was in California for this last week
and I have many differe
nt VIEWs from Lake Tahoe down to Mission Viejo...
The first one is the VIEW in Lake Tahoe from our window at sunset!
Next, we took a boat ride VIEWing Lake Tahoe,
heading toward Emerald Bay.
Here is the gap where you head into Emerald Bay.
The VIEW there was incredible!
I have never seen water this blue!
More to follow on Emerald Bay in later posts!
This stream runs along Highway 395
and we VIEWed quite a few fishermen in the stream.
You can see that there is still some snow in the upper peaks!
What a VIEW!
Now, we're down to San Clemente Pier where we had lunch,
while VIEWing the ocean.
Also more on that in later posts!
Of course, here is a bird's eye VIEW of the pier...
And this is my parent's back yard in Mission Viejo!
Another brilliant VIEW!
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

PhotoHunt Theme: Road

"ROAD" is the theme this week.
I started out with a 1957 Volkwagon on the ROAD in one of our local parades which we attended the beginning of this month. I knew it would fit into the ROAD theme when I saw the license plate saying "Route 66" which of course is a very famous ROAD in the United States.

Next, while driving in California my father pointed out all of the
high power lines that were lining the ROAD along Highway 395.
We also drove on the ROAD around Lake Tahoe
and came across this huge rock mountain.
There were two tunnels through the mountain
so the ROAD went through the mountain...
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ And the ROAD continued on the other side!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

WCB: Winery Kitties

It's time for Weekend Cat Blogging
with our host LB and Breadchick over at The Sour Dough
The Winery Kitties are one of my favorite reasons to go visit our favorite winery! Currently they include the Mama Cat named CC and the Dad Cat named Tom Tabby. When all the visitors are at the winery, the kitties mostly stay under the deck. We are good friends with the owners so we have stayed many times past closing time when everyone else is gone. That is when all five of the kitties come out to see what good things were left behind.
This first picture is of Mama CC (short for Curtain Call) and isn't she a beauty!
This handsome ginger tabby is Tom Tabby, the dad of the kittens. He is already licking his lips from something that he found to eat.Tom Tabby leads his kittens across the yard.
The black and white one is Skunkface
because of the white stripe down the middle of his face.
The gray tabby is called GG, which is short for Gray Goose.
Now, here comes their real dinner, after the appetizers they scrounged from the yard!
Oh, the fifth kitty, the other calico is named Encore.
I really enjoy seeing them every time we go there!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

PhotoHunt Theme: Wild

"WILD" is the theme this week.
If possible I always try to get a picture of one of my cats to fit in with the current theme. I knew this picture of Willow would work as she looks pretty WILD in an undomesticated sort of way! Actually she is WILD for her Temptations which are treats for cats and that is what she was meowing for!
Here are some of Willow's larger cousins at the St. Louis Zoo. In comparison, they don't look as WILD as Willow does today! I took this picture October of 2004 and both lions have died since then. I believe that they now have two new lions, which are a brother and sister. And in April 2008 five baby Amur Tigers were born. I haven't seen them yet and it's definitely time to go visit Big Cat Country at the Zoo!
I took this picture at one of our parks this Spring.
I think that bees would be considered WILD.
These are some WILD mushrooms that I found growing in someone's yard. I don't know what kind they are and I didn't taste them but they sure look like potato chips!
Back at another park I barely managed to get a picture of this WILD deer before it ran off through the woods.
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Fresh produce...

This is a house that we drive by to and from the winery that we like to visit.All summer Lacy's has fresh produce.
We don't always buy but we always look to see what he is selling every weekend!
The tomatoes and peppers were quite good!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

PhotoHunt Theme: String(s)

The theme this week is "string(s)" and first I have
my husband's bass guitar s
It's a little blurry as he was playing it while I tried to take pictures!
This is from Christmas time when we went to see
the Peter Mayer Band at the Sheldon. There are a lot of strings playing here!
Peter also plays with the Jimmy Buffet Band but we first saw him when he played a Christmas Concert at our church about 15 years ago. So anytime he comes back to St. Louis we try to get out to see him and his band play.
At Purina Farms here they have a Cat House for the cats. There is string tied all around the windows so you can see and actually pet the cats but they cannot get out.
Wasn't this one a beauty!?!
Last I have some string tied around a pork butt that we barbecued for 14 hours
in our Big Green Egg Grill - it tasted wonderful!
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And here
I was afraid I wouldn't be able to play Photohunt this week as my router went out and I couldn't get a new one for a few days. It's amazing how many times you want to go online for something and it's very strange when you cannot get online. I'm very glad to be back online!