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Saturday, February 28, 2009

PhotoHunt Theme: Thankful

"THANKFUL" is the theme this week.
I am THANKFUL for all of the usual things, such as my family and friends, my two cats, my home, good food...the list goes on! I am also THANKFUL for such a lovely world we live in - I especially am THANKFUL for all the different seasons. They are each special in their own way. I am THANKFUL for Winter when it is cold and everything turns beautiful in the snow.
I am THANKFUL for the wildlife in Winter; such as this egret that we found in the water. I wouldn't want to be in that cold water but he seemed to be quite happy. He was probably THANKFUL when he found some fish to eat! Then I am THANKFUL for Spring. Spring seems to arrive just when we are getting tired of all the coldness of Winter. This baby cow seemed THANKFUL to be out in the sunshine. Another thing I am THANKFUL for in Spring are the beautiful tulips that we can see everywhere. These specific tulips were for my husband's birthday and we were both THANKFUL for the Bailey's and delicious cannollis that we had for dessert. And certainly, I am very THANKFUL for my husband! Once it is Summer I am THANKFUL for the warm days and the profusion of beautiful flowers that my husband grows in the backyard. I especially like the morning glories. I am THANKFUL for the Farmer's Markets in our area where we can get locally grown vegetables. And I am always THANKFUL for Autumn after the long days of heat and humidity of Summer start to wear on one. The cooler weather and the incredible colors of the leaves changing colors are a wonderful change. I am THANKFUL when I meet new friends while walking around my neighborhood. This little cat was so happy to see me and I was glad that I had my cell phone/camera with me! Oh, another thing to be THANKFUL for! I mentioned earlier that I was THANKFUL for my two cats and I am always THANKFUL when Willow joins me at the computer. Although I am sometimes a little less than THANKFUL if she walks across the keyboard and changes or deletes whatever I am working at on the computer!
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

PhotoHunt Theme: Warm

"WARM" is the theme this week.
WARM weather is when most people like to get out their barbecue grills. We like to barbecue year-round! Almost any type of food is excellent WARMed up on a barbecue grill. My husband loves raw oysters but then when we went to an Oyster Festival at a local microbrewery we tried grilled oysters. WARM grilled oysters are very good!

How about a nice sirloin steak WARMed up on the grill?...
This is the first hour of a barbecued brisket which was kept WARM
at a low heat for about 14 hours...I grilled some sliced eggplant with mozzarella and basil
to make a delicious WARM sandwich.
My husband barbecues wonderful ribs,
which are an excellent WARM dinner...
This was my first spatchcocked chicken
barbecued on the Big Green Egg.
Very tasty WARM!
And, of course, there is nothing quite like WARM laundry
to keep two cats very WARM and contented!

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

PhotoHunt Theme: Nautical

"NAUTICAL" is the theme this week.
Last September we went to Lake Tahoe for the first time. There are two paddle wheel boats that take tourists around the lake. I think that this one is named the M.S. Dixie II and we crossed paths while my husband and I were going the other way on the Bleu Wave, which is not a paddle wheel boat.
Closer to home, this paddle wheel boat
was a float in the Fair St. Louis Parade.
I found the Daisy Bell in the river on the way home from the winery. We always go the same way but one time there was the Daisy Bell.
That's all I know about her!
In 2004 we went to the "Haunted" St. Louis Zoo and found some pirates on their ship. I don't think that, NAUTICALLY speaking, their ship looks very seaworthy! This one might be a bit of a stretch but the Blue Angels are a Navy Squadron and the Navy seems to be a pretty NAUTICAL group to me. So here is a picture of Blue Angels at an air show here a few years ago.
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Sunday, February 08, 2009

WCB: 6 Days before Valentine's Day

It's almost Valentine's Day.
China Cat and Willow are so lovable with each other
I thought they would be wonderful featured for Valentine's Day.It's time for Weekend Cat Events!
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Saturday, February 07, 2009

PhotoHunt Theme: Bridge(s)

"BRIDGE(S)" is the theme this week.
A BRIDGE that I really like is in Shaw Nature Reserve. It is down at t
he bottom of a hill and it goes over a small pond. That is the BRIDGE that my husband walked my daughter over when she was married six years ago.

This BRIDGE is on my husband's "resenator" guitar. It's a copy of a National Steel Blues Guitar and he got sometime in the 70's in Cleveland.

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