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Saturday, June 20, 2009

PhotoHunt Theme: Creamy

"CREAMY" is the theme this week.
I immediately thought of food for the CREAMY theme this week. So I found four pictures of CREAMY food that I have enjoyed over the past few years!

Sher's Hummus is a wonderfully CREAMY appetizer. She was a very interesting and funny food blogger who suddenly passed away last July 20th of a heart attack. I have made quite a few of her recipes from her blog called "What DId You Eat?"
For my main meal I would have the Crab Chili Rellano from the Speedboat Bar in Lake Tahoe. It was Dungeness Crab in a Diablo Sauce with Avocado, Salsa and Lime Sour CREAM. It was deliciously CREAMY with all the sauce and sour CREAM!
This Coconut CREAM Pie was made for my DH's birthday.
It was very CREAMY, indeed!

And finally, how about some Bailey's Irish CREAM
and some very CREAMY Cannoli

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