Spike William is our new kitten and he was born January 30th, 2013.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seen at the Zoo

Lemurs at the St. Louis Zoo

Weekend Cat Blogging with Kara

Kara is one of my daughter's two cats. She has the most beautiful green eyes and, as you can see, gorgeous long fur. She is usually rather shy and stays in the bedroom. Two weeks ago my daughter had her first baby so I have been spending more time over at her house. Kara has gotten used to me now so I was able to get quite a few pictures of her, when I was not taking pictures of my new grandson!Kara found this sunspot in the baby's room!
And here's a close-up so you can see those beautiful green eyes!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Photohunt Theme: Protect(ion)

"PROTECT(ION)" is the theme this week.
I decided to feature some plants that I took pictures of at my parent's house last Fall. Cactu
s plants definitely have very sharp spikes and needles to PROTECT themselves. I don't know what their real names are but this first one was always called Mr. Prickley. When my daughter was little my mother called him Mr. Prickley so my DD wouldn't touch him! My DD has her very own Mr. Prickley, which I believe might be the grandson of the original one. These little cactus-type plants have sharp spikes all over them for PROTECTION.
These cactus plants are needle sharp
and so are very well PROTECTED!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

PhotoHunt Theme: Purple (and 1 Triangle Picture)

"PURPLE" is the theme this week.
China Cat loves Temptations.
Dairy flavor is one of her favorites and it is packaged in a PURPLE bag.
There is a pizza place near us called Chuck E. Cheese. All of my nephews like going there because there are lots of games for kids to play. The Chuck E. Cheese Mouse has on a PURPLE hat and t-shirt and there is PURPLE on the front of the building.Little PURPLE flowers at Shaw's Nature Reserve.Thies Nursery has a Farmer's Market where we like to go buy fruit and vegetables in the Summer. They also sell a lot of plants and flowers. I took a picture of these PURPLE plants and if the sign wasn't there, I wouldn't know what they were!When we visited my parents last fall
I found the same plants in Mom's garden!
So besides being a PURPLE plant, there were little PURPLE flowers!

Mom's garden also had this gorgeous PURPLE flower.
Mom knows gardening and has the green thumb,
which I don't at all,
so I don't even know what kind of plant this is...
Lots of PURPLE flowers were in front of the Country Club
that my mother-in-law belongs to and so I had to take a picture!
Last week the Photohunt featured the word TRIANGLE.
Our first grandson was born on April 8th and by April 11th
I was still enjoying visiting with our grandbaby.
So, here is my TRIANGLE picture of Willow's ears!

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

PhotoHunt Theme: Stripes

"STRIPES" is the theme this week.
This little nightstand used to belong to my grandmother, along with the second nightstand, a dresser with a mirror and a tall dresser. My mother gave the set to my daughter. They started out an off-white color. When my daughter still lived at home she painted them a marbled green. She majored in Art and this is how she painted one of them next - love the STRIPES! I found the STRIPED tissue box and gave it to her since it matched her STRIPED nightstand. Now the STRIPES are gone as she recently painted them all brown when she repainted her bedroom
March 16th my husband and I went to the zoo.
Zebras are certainly known for their STRIPES.

Then we found this ring-tailed lemur
with lots of STRIPES on his very long tail!

China Cat is a ginger tabby so she also has lots of STRIPES.
And so does her matching bed!

Willow has a long tail with dark STRIPES on it.
These Amur Tigers were the main reason that I wanted to go to the Zoo. The Mama Tiger had five baby tiger cubs last year. We usually go to the Zoo a couple times a year but didn't get there since the baby tigers were allowed out in their yard. Here were two of the tiger cubs playing in the pool. Look at those gorgeous STRIPES!
Here's some more STRIPES
with four tiger cubs playing with a stick in the water.

The fifth tiger cub was following Mama Tiger around the enclosure.
She was the only one with dry STRIPES!

My daughter's first baby is due on Tuesday. She has the whole room ready. My mother-in-law made the bumper pads and the skirt for the crib. There are some STRIPES on the bumper pads and the skirt is all black and white STRIPES.
Alice is one of my daughter's two cats. She is a tabby cat with dark STRIPES. She is leaning against my daughter's black and white STRIPES. My daughter says it's funny to see Alice when the baby kicks her!
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