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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Big Green Egg Ribs

Last Sunday RDG barbecued ribs in the Big Green Egg. We got them from Soulard Farmer's Market Saturday morning. This type of beef rib is often called Dinosaur Bones because they're huge. They were very inexpensive compared to the more commonly barbecued pork ribs. As they are very fatty, they are best barbecued for long periods of time at low temperatures or braised. All you have to do according to RDG is "wash them, put on a dry rub, throw them in the Big Green Egg for about 10 hours and then boom!"
To get a little more technical than RDG,
after washing and drying the ribs,
he used Penzeys Spices "Galena Street Ribs & Chicken Rub".
This rub is an authentic and traditional Southern-style seasoning,
with hints of sage, nutmeg and cayenne.
Penzeys considers it one of it's best blends. RDG received this spice,
along with three others, from his nephew on his birthday.

He put the 3 slabs of ribs into the Egg
and smoked them with hickory chips
(which had first soaked in water for one half hour).
He shut the lid and left them in there to smoke for 10 hours
kept at 200 degrees. He mentioned that next time he does 3 slabs,
he will let them smoke longer - maybe 14 hours.

Here are those lovely smoked ribs.
And, of course, here is the Big Green Egg. It's not in it's usual position however due to the fact it poured down rain for most of the day.

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Unknown said...

Those look soooooo gooooooooooood. My Lady and Senor are making ribs today, My Lady just started them. I doubt I'll get any, though because their making them over at his house. I bet that evil-soon-to-be-stepbrother will get some. Hmmpf.
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