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Saturday, November 01, 2008

PhotoHunt Theme: Blue

"BLUE" is the theme this week.
If you fly high enough, even when the clouds have hidden the BLUE sky,
you will find the BLUE sky!
Here we were flying back home over the clouds in the
BLUE sky.
This picture was taken while looking up at the Arch in St. Louis.
There were lots of cloud
s drifting by and plenty of BLUE sky!
Now our plane didn't fly like these planes, but the BLUE ANGELS are some of the finest planes I have ever seen. OK, I wouldn't want to fly in them but I do love watching them.
We always go to the Air Show
when the BLUE ANGELS are featured!

I also like to watch butterflies fly.
This one wasn't flying at the moment but look at those BLUE spots!

Willow "helped" me by flattening out the BLUE jeans
that I had just laid on the BLUE chair.

China Cat loves both of these BLUE blankets
once the weather starts getti
ng cooler.
Alice is wearing a BLUE Rams shirt.
We are hoping that the Rams will beat the Cardinals tomorrow!
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jams o donnell said...

Great shots. I love the vivid skies but that butterfly is beautiful... Almost as beautiful as those contented kitties!

Dragonstar said...

What an incredible series of shots! I love all those blues, the skies are wonderful. The cats are so sweet, and that butterfly... superb!

Anonymous said...

the plane photos are great and those cats are sweet!!!

Teena in Toronto said...

Nice array of pix!

I played too :)

Carver said...

You have come up with a wonderful group of shots for the blue theme. I love all of them.

SabineM said...

amazing shots!. Reminds me that I need to get to St. Louis one day!
The butterfly is striking. What colors!

Leslie said...

G'day! Happy PhotoHunt weekend to one of our favorite bloggers and fellow scrapbookers!

Pye and Trixie and Tigger purr at you! :)

Anonymous said...

that first photo is dizzying - I love it! All are great and your cats are adorable.

jmb said...

These are amazing shots Sammawow. You could not have found better. Have a happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Blue skies are the best! Blue is also my favorite color. :-)

Anonymous said...

OooooOOO so many puurety blues!!
How can blue be so many things?!?!
I love it how cosy China cat looks in those mega secksah blue blankies!