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Saturday, November 15, 2008

PhotoHunt Theme: Ruin(ed)

"RUIN(ED)" is the theme this week.
Every year some birds try building a nest on the beam in front of our garage door. Usually when my husband notices that they have started building, he takes the nest down. This year by the time we noticed it, the bird had already laid eggs so he left the nest alone.
Unfortunately, one day when I opened the garage door
I found that the nest had tipped over
and the eggs were all RUINED on the driveway.

It was such a sad start to my day...On a happier note, my husband's grandparents lived on a farm in Iowa.
My husband and his brothers and sister loved going there as kids.
His grandparents are no longer with us
but I took these pictures the last time we visited.
The building on the right was the chicken coop
and on the left was the outhouse.
The chicken coop didn't seem to be too RUINED...

But close up you can tell that the outhouse was definitely RUINED!

In 2007 we had a big ice storm here in the midwest.
Luckily, we didn't lose any trees or have any damage at our house.
We drove all around to see the ice covering everything.
We ended up at Lone Elk Park and drove through there.
So many trees were RUINED by having too much heavy ice on their branches.

We found a herd of bison walking around
the RUINED tree branches.

The adults didn't seem to notice all of the RUINED branches.
They were only interested in foraging!

But this cute little baby bison was fascinated
with one of the RUINED branches!

As were were driving out, the fog suddenly came back in.
With all of the ice and RUINED branches,
the park was still lovely.

But too much ice RUINED a lot of tree branches. ~~~~~
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Rebecca Mecomber said...

Oh my gosh, your photos are exquisite! The eggs ruined makes me sad, though.

I did Photo Hunt today, too. I hope you get a chance to visit and leave your link!

Have a great weekend!

Amanda said...

Oh the poor eggs! I love your photos of the bison.

Have a great weekend!

Powell River Books said...

Ice storms must be really terrible. We don't get those here, but we do get very strong, hurricane force, winds on occasion. They can snap a full grown fir tree off like a matchstick. They also uproot trees. One year across from our cabin more than 30 trees were damaged in a narrow bay. Fortunately our cabin was spared most of the fury. I invite you to come see my ruins in the bush of Coastal BC. -- Margy

Anonymous said...

Those birds have got to find a better place to put their nest.

Carver said...

That is a sad story about the birds nest. It's too bad when they nest somewhere like that which is precarious. I enjoyed the photographs of your husband's grandparents' farm and that's great that it still looks so good. Also great shots of the bison and the ice storms. Ice Storms can be so beautiful but do tend to ruin a lot of tree branches and sometimes trees. Good take on the theme.

Anonymous said...

I think you should have the prize this week for the most examples of Ruin(ed)... :)

Ladykli said...

I loved all your "ruined" photos. The nest ones made me sad though.

Great captures of the bisons. The baby one is too cute.

Ice can make things look pretty but unfortunately they can ruine a lot.

Mine's here

Anonymous said...

Good sequence of photographs for the ruin(ed) theme. Thanks for visiting us at Snap2Days.

Patricia said...

So sorry about the bird eggs. That is sad. What interesting photos with the bison. We have hurricane damaged rather than ice-storm damaged trees where I live.

The Florida Furkids said...

Wonderful pictures!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Heather D said...

Wow what fantastic photos. Ice on trees can be so damaging but beautiful at the same time.

Anonymous said...

This is such an amazing series of photos - love it! I'm a big fan of buffalo so I really enjoyed seeing those. Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful series! Love that last shot. The outhouse has certainly seen better days, I'm glad we don't need those anymore. Bummer about the bird's nest and eggs... sometimes they don't choose their place of residence well ;-)

YTSL said...

Great narrative and love those Lone Elk Park pictures!

Leslie said...

Wow - bison! They're incredible! I just have lots and lots of kangaroos here.

I had to stop this time yesterday and let one hop across the road in front of me.

Dragonstar said...

So sad about the ruined nest and eggs.
Lovely pictures from the park. Although the branch has snapped, that last but one photo is absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Poor little baby birdies!
They is some really great pictures!
I like the Icy ones a lot , we do not get that here :(


Sreisaat said...

Love your photos! My favorites are that of the curious baby bison and the last photo.

Sreisaat Adventures

Shawie said...

wow! that's very impressive post and great pictures! I really love the last shot:) the best I've seen for the theme...more power!

cating said...

the last two pics remind me of a scene in a scary movie. great photos:)

Anonymous said...

oh, those poor unborn chicks! sad..

storyteller said...

Thanks for visiting my ‘ruined’ Photo Hunt at Sacred Ruminations last week. I apologize for returning the visit belatedly, but life’s been a bit chaotic and I’m behind on just about everything right now. Your part of the USA is so different from mine and the photographs you capture are amazingly beautiful … breath-taking! I’m so glad I didn’t miss this entirely.
Hugs and blessings,