Spike William is our new kitten and he was born January 30th, 2013.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday The Weather Changes...

This morning it was practically spring-like. It was clear, humid and windy. Then it looked like it was cold because the sun went under the clouds -- but it was still warm and humid. Very odd. After that, the wind picked up even more and leaves were flying everywhere. Actually, I think it was all of the hundreds of falling leaves that spooked Willow. She was crouching down low looking out the window and once when China walked in the room, Willow totally freaked out, jumped up with big tail and ran the other way! I wish I had a picture of that. However, I did just get a picture of the front lawn. RDG had raked all of the leaves out to the parkway for the Tuesday city wide vacuuming but this picture shows what happened today!

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