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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veteran's Day Today

Today was the Veteran's Day Parade downtown.

During the ceremony they raised the flag.
It's flying high in a very cool breeze.
The World Bird Sanctuary even had an eagle in the parade.
There were motorcycles and bands.

There were a lot of marching units.
They had cars and floats, too.

And USO was here. There were many veterans in the parade.
But, I had been hoping that more people
would line the streets
to thank them for their service,
if only by attending the parade.
And, check this out: Yesterday's post showed all of the leaves on our lawn.
When we returned home after the Parade today,
we found our lawn had been cleared of leaves.
So, thanks to our gracious neighbor for clearing our lawn
after he did his own!

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